Fall Session

Compassion Cultivation Training starts mid October on Mercer Island: Please contact me for more info if interested!

WHEN: Wednesday evening October 19, 26 November 2, 9,16,30 December 7,14

TIME: 6:30-8:30PM

WHERE: Mercer Island

The CCT program is offered in 8 weekly sessions, 2 hours each, and consists of six steps

Step 1, Session 1, involves settling the mind and neutrally observing one’s own thoughts and emotions

Step 2, Session 2, teaches participants how to cultivate loving-kindness and compassion for a loved one

Step 3, Session 3 and 4, helps the participant develop loving-kindness and compassion for oneself

Step 4, Session 5, establishes our shared common humanity, recognizing the interdependence of all living creatures and our fragile blue planet

Step 5, Session 6, deepens the ability to cultivate compassion toward all others, including those we perceive as difficult

Step 6, Session 7, involves visualizing transforming others’ pain and suffering and offering them one’s own happiness and joy

Session 8: The course culminates with an integrated daily compassion meditation practice


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