What people say about CCT

“The most important part of this CCT class for me was the continued understanding of the science behind mindfulness so as to pass on the understanding and practices to my 4th grade students. I loved hearing about the honest struggles with self compassion from the other CCT participants.  It helped me relate and open my heart to them and to be open to the possibilities of what might be going on in the minds of my students in elementary school as they learn more about mindfulness and compassion. When I heard the other CCT participants’  speak out about their questions and struggles with compassion during our time in class, it deepened me.” Kim Longmore, 13 April 2016

“I see this meditation course as a seed that has been deeply rooted within me. I now have the opportunity to continue to learn more about myself and others – knowing we all love and suffer. Instead of jumping to conclusions and judgments, I am now reminded that I can pause instead of reacting.” Patti Vogel, 13 April 2016

Dear Maya, with gratitude I would like you to know that this time we have shared has been an informative, opening, wonderful step in my journey. I felt that I was ready for it and as I hoped it has challenged me, opened my heart and mind wider, and allowed me to have the tools to continue to focus on my intention and work to be a more open, foregiving and loving person.

My advice? Sometimes the best thing is for someone to shine a light on our momentary bitchiness. It can allow us to see it and grow into someone better.” Jess, 13 April 2016

This class has changed how I feel about compassion. I have been able to find compassion easier and in a way I was never able to before. I have watched how it has changed and evolved my interactions with people around me in a positive way. Also with myself. Reminding myself to have compassion for myself. When I am in a situation where I am uncomfortable, take the steps I need to, to take care of myself.

I struggle to make time to meditate. I have learnt from CCT to embrace the time I have. Not to be hard on myself for not meditating. Finding other ways to meditate. Throwing on the wheel, Drawing, Breathing.” Lauren Halvorsen, 13 April 2016

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